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The DCU is the last link in the refining chain and concerns the so-called “Bottom of the Barrel”, with light distillates and Pet Coke as the final product. This unit represents the heart of the project, both as an economic value and as a technical and implementation complexity. KT’s work will allow the refinery to improve production efficiency, but also to limit environmental impacts. KT has adopted a cutting edge technology for the Coke┬áHandling System which is the last section of the DCU unit. The Pet Coke is treated on a closed circuit for dehydration.

The project activities of TECNOTask S.p.A. included the installation of prefabricated spools, the erection of the trim lines on the distillation columns, the erection and testing of steam tracing system, hydraulic tests and the installation of underground pipes for a total of 130 tons of piping.